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Commercializing AI Research

An AI Powehouse

Inspired by Thomas Edison's lab at Menlo Park, our vision is to bring together a group of passionate ML engineers and Product builders to ship AI products at lightning speed.


Disneyland of Diffusion Models

A SaaS app to create, edit, stylize and publish fine-tuned images based on hundreds of diffusion models.


A self-driving sled powered by electic.

As self-driving technology is already mature for highways and interstates, Glide will be available for interstates on a rental basis to convert any vehicle into autonomous and electric on-demand. Drivers can book using a mobile app, load their vehicle, and enjoy the ride.


Focused semantic search using LLM

Llama is a modern search engine focused on matching user sentences to results, by stitching together multiple LLM models."Find a standing desk for under $200 with a 4+ stars rating shipping in a week""Find a dine-in restaurant nearby serving chicken tikka masala with good rating and lower prices"

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