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We help build Gen AI applications

At Menlo Park Lab, we're not just about building Gen AI apps, we're about exceeding your expectations! From no-code to full-stack, our experienced team delivers bespoke solutions that turn your ideas into MVP or production-ready apps.Our focus at Menlo Park Lab is building cutting-edge solutions that harness the transformative power of AI. Our services include developing Large Language Model apps, text-to-image apps, and other state-of-the-art Gen AI solutions.


Build and Deploy a Chat with Document SaaS

A Bubble SaaS template to build LangChain document chat apps.

Tech Used
Bubble, Flowise, Stripe, Pinecone, Cohere, Zep


Let AI Narrate Your Videos

Upload videos and see the AI magic. AI understands the content of the video and narrates in multiple styles and accents.

Tech Used
FlutterFlow, FastAPI, Render, Eleven Labs, OpenAI


AI Agents and Assistants Marketplace

Automate boring tasks using AI. Find and share full AI Automation workflows.

Tech Used, LangChain

The Book of Infinite Wisdom

AI's Distillation of Centuries of Human Knowledge and Wisdom

A self-help book written by ChatGPT using careful prompt engineering.

Tech Used


Learn to Build No-Code AI Apps

A platform to interactively learn building LLM apps with no-code LangChain.

Tech Used, Flowise, OpenAI, Cohere, Pinecode, Qdrant, Zep

AI Brand Intel

Respond to customers in over 100 languages

Monitor social and news mentions, and respond to customers based on company documents in over 100 languages.

Tech Used, Qdrant, Cohere, OpenAI, LangChain

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An AI Powehouse

Drawing inspiration from Thomas Edison's lab at Menlo Park, we adopt an Edisonian approach to develop and test AI-based products. Let us help you build your AI application today.

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