Commercializing AI Research


Focus on AI products with commercial applicability.

Our team works on products with highest potential market fit and largest scalability factor.


Utilize and combine available AI technology

A great amount of research work in the field of AI is ready for product applications. Our team brings these products to the market.


A self-driving vehicle pad powered by electic batteries

As self-driving technology is already mature for highways and interstates, Glide will be available for interstates on a rental basis to convert any vehicle into autonomous and electric on-demand. Drivers can book using mobile app, load their vehicle, and enjoy the ride.

FaceApp for Fashion

Pinterest style board with users visualizing their own-self in the latest fashion apparel.

Users scan their face. Our AI algorithm generates picture of them wearing latest fashion products within the app. Users can then purchase items within the app based on the best fit and looks.

FaceApp for fitness, FaceApp for movies, and FaceApp for travel could be future extensions.

SWAT Vision

A drone based surveillance system for active shooter situation.

1. Based on audio and video based ML detection, our system detects any gun shot fired in the facility.

2. If gunshot fired, the drone fleet autonomously searches and tags the shooter.

3. Cameras from drones track shooter in real time and provide live video feed to the Central Response Center team, which then guides local authorities on scene.

This system can help minimize uncertainty involved in any active shooter scenario and provide real time guidance to local authorities.

App to test ML models

Many ML developers find it difficult to test ML models on mobile devices.

With this app ML developers can deploy ML models on the phone and test algorithmic performace. Developers can connect to microphone, camera, gps, gyroscope or any other available connected gadgets.

AI Competitions

AI infused gaming competition

A competition that brings together teams of AI researchers + gamers to compete at an international level using Humans + AI team combinations. This synergy will help understand best combinations of human + AI interactions and expand it to multiple areas of AI application.

A hackathon combined with competition can lead to generation of new AI based companies

Autonomous Driving Race

Companies building autonomous cars will be invited to compete head-to-head on their autonomous technology. Winning prizes and ratings on safety level will be provided accordingly.

Other AI Apps


Users can record personal sports training videos using a mobile app and automatically generate highlights of best moments. Also receive AI generated improvement tips using the app.


Users can practice speech delivery in audio or video format and receive AI generated feedback. Users can enhance their communication style for a small or a large group.


Learn about a topic and explain the topic in audio or video format and receive AI generated feedback. Users can utilize this for continued education on many topics of interest.

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